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REVIEW: Raging Bit@h

by Jay Morris

A wonderful cool spell this week, reminded me that I am still searching for the Best IPA in the USA. A friend bought me a pick six pack and in it was Raging Bit@h IPA from Flying Dog Brewery. The quote on the bottle from Ralph Stedman says this beer is "nectar imprisoned in a bottle" With that and the artwork on the bottle meant I had to drink it. Raging Bit@h is a Belgian Style IPA (ABV 8.3 IBU 60) bottle poured into glass. To start a very nice copper color, with great  white head that has staying power, also a very nice amount of lacing. 

At first sip featured a wonderful mix of citrus Flavor with grapefruit most dominant. I must admit i was a bit disappointed with the hops. Now keep in mind I LOVE tons of hops in my IPA. In Raging Bit@h the hops are present, and not overpowering. Raging Bit@h is a fantastically balanced IPA. I would recommend this to anyone.