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REVIEW: The Soft Parade

by Jay Morris

Taking a break from my IPA search today. It is a nice and steamy 90 degree day with high humidity it seemed right to look for a good "summer beer". Many of my Wisconsin friends are huge fans of Leinenkugel Berry Weiss in the summer. I have tried it, it's good, but always seemed to "berry" for me. I am an open minded beer drinker, but must admit that reason I was hesitant to try Shorts The Soft Parade.

Shorts Brewing Company in Bellaire Michigan opened in 2004, and has made quite a name for itself with Michigan beer drinkers. They make one of my favorite IPA'S Huma Lupa Licious  (I will have to review that soon). According to the Soft Parade bottle it is a high gravity ale with blueberries, strawberries, blackberries  and raspberries. The Shorts Brewing Company website they call this beer "fruit infused rye ale". 

I poured The Soft Parade (AVB 9.00%) from a bottle. The color was hard to describe, dark amber, to almost red. Good head to start, but it didn't stick very long. It had a wonderful smell of raspberries, and strawberry. First taste complex combination of tart fruit, out front were the taste of raspberries at the end. The fruit almost overpowered the beer, almost! I could still taste the rye, and malt of this beer, and it was delicious. 

The Soft Parade is a great beer for people who don't really like the taste of beer. This wont ever be my beer of choice, but Soft Parade  is a great summer beer. A serve to the masses to  introduce non beer lover's to really good beer kind of beer.