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8 Things You Need to Know Before You Say 'Yes' to the Dress!

by Christy Taylor

 8. Be aware of what you WEAR
Some bridal stores have undergarments for you to use while trying on dresses. Mine did not. Good to know, right? It's best to have a nude, strapless bra and a simple pair of underwear. Anything that's stringy or lacey can easily get caught in zippers or hooks on dresses. The consultants would much rather you have on boring underwear than have to cut you out of a dress!

7. Do your homework
The first thing they'll ask you is what fabrics and styles you're after. You've probably already gone through stacks of magazines-so bring in pictures that you like! Also, look into pricing. Don't let yourself fall in love with a gown full of lace and bling that's WAY out of your budget. It's a very sad way to set yourself up for disappointment. 

6. Have an open mind  
Once you've shared your fav magazine or online photos, let the consultant do their job. They know what styles work on all different body types. I guarantee they'll put you in something outside of your comfort zone...and chances are you'll end up loving it.  (I went in absolutely sure I didn't want lace or too much bling...trust me a 180 is totally possible!) 

5. Don't forget about the groom
Yes, make him WAIT until the wedding to see the dress. But, before you start trying them on, ask what he'd like to see you in. Next to yours, HIS is the opinion that's going to matter most on the big day. 

4. Don't believe everything you see on TV
I know it's easy to get wrapped into all those shows..Say Yes to the Dress andI Found the Gown...but DON'T expect your experience to be just like the brides you see on TV!

You may not have that magical moment of happiness, hugs and tears. And that's okay! In fact, I found out that a lot of brides don't. That doesn't mean you the dress you like isn't the one. 

3. Take pictures!
If you have the luxury of shopping at multiple bridal stores, it definitely helps having pictures of gowns that have potential. Get pictures of all different angles of each one on you, standing and sitting. 

EQUALLY IMPORTANT-Take pictures to remember the experience. I brought my photographer with me and I'm so thankful I did. She captured some amazing candid moments, lots of smiles and silliness, and even 'ugly cry' moments. I LOVE being able to work them into a slide show or display them at the reception!  

2. This is the dress you'll see in pictures for years to come
Make sure you chose a dress you absolutely love-and one you won't look back on and cringe.   
1. It really is all about YOU

As previously noted-don't believe what you see on TV. This is true when it comes to your entourage. I envisioned having all of my brides maids along-wine and tissues in hand-ready to have that special experience right along with me. 

Back in reality, I realized I'd only have one afternoon to make we could all be together. Shopping under a time crunch sounded like a terrible idea! So, I dropped by the salon by myself to set up the appointment and do a little window shopping...and before I knew it I was in a fitting room and in a gown! And, 3 or 4 dresses later...I found the gown.

Here's the thing. Shopping alone was much less dramatic, but just as emotional. It was never my plan to go it alone, but I'm glad I did because I had the chance to have my own REAL reaction without any other opinions influencing mine. When the day came for wine and tissues and bridesmaids, I tried on the dress and it WAS that special day with magical moments, minus the stress!