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Town Mailing Abandoned Dog Poop To Owners

by Ben Olson

If you fail to curb your dog, you may find a little surprise on your doorstep! A town in Spain has been scooping up abandoned dog poop and shipping it back to the dog owners! The town of Brunete teamed up with ad agency McCann Erickson to launch a campaign aimed at reducing the amount of canine crap found in the town’s streets. Volunteers are sent out to spot irresponsible dog owners and engage them in conversation to determine their dog’s name and breed. Then the town tracks down owners’ identities using a registered pet database. The uncollected doo-doo is placed in a box marked “lost property” and mailed back to the owner. The smelly stunt has actually helped reduce the quantity of poop by 70 percent! This town doesn’t take crap from anyone!