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Go prepared to your next photo opportunity!!

by Dave Kallaway

Been shooting pics at a ton of events this summer. AND MAN..do ya learn from your mistakes? Wow..yes, yes, yes. It's never "IF" you'll have camera issues..it's "WHEN" you'll have issues. For example..I flew in this World War 2 B-25 this week...a great photo op..but not everything went well. I accidently flipped a switch on one of my cameras to "manual" at some point..so all pictures after that were blurry on that camera!! UGH!!! So thank goodness I had another camera with me. I take a lot of duplicate shots with more than one camera because my thought is "will I ever be doing this again?" I've talked to so many photogs that take extra memory cards too. If you can't access the pics on one card..maybe it gets jammed or corrupted somehow..you have other pics on other memory cards...so you at least have something out of the event instead of being empty handed. Soo prep for your next photo opportunity. Charge your camera batteries. Clean your lenses. Travel as light as possible. Get there early. Wear clean underwear and have fun!!