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  • J.T. The Brick

    On Air: Weekdays, 1am - 6am

    J.T. "The Brick" joined FOX Sports Radio as the afternoon host in June 2001, and began hosting the weekday ...

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  • Fox Sports Daybreak

    On Air: Weekdays, 6am - 9am

    Furman, a native of Brooklyn, New York, has been a strong voice in the world of sports talk radio for ...

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  • Dan Patrick Show

    On Air: Weekdays, 9am - Noon

    Legendary multi-platform sports host Dan Patrick entertains America in morning drive along with his sidekicks, "The Danettes." The Dan Patrick ...

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  • Jay Mohr Sports

    On Air: Weekdays, Noon - 3pm

    Starring actor, comedian, sports personality and radio host Jay Mohr, Jay Mohr Sports features the latest sports news, in addition ...

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  • The Huge Show

    On Air: Weekdays 3pm-6pm

    The Hugeshow is about big name guests and Huge opinions. Huge is an MAB award winning afternoon radio show in ...

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  • The Yard

    On Air: Weekdays, 6pm - 7pm

    With commentary from Western Michigan University coaches, athletes, high school sports and discussion on Detroit and Chicago professional teams.

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  • Petros and Money

    On Air: Weekdays, 7pm - 10pm

    Every day is special on PMS! Me First MONDAY Tu Yo/Tired of the Lies TUESDAY We Just Won't ...

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  • Fox Sports Tonight

    On Air: Weekdays, 10pm - 1am; Saturday, 5pm - 7pm

    During Rob Dibble's seven-year MLB career, he was a two-time All-Star and the 1990 NLCS "Most Valuable Player." Dibble ...

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  • Bronco Review

    On Air: Thursdays, 6pm - 7pm

    Broncos Sports Review

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  • Ben Maller

    On Air: Saturday, 1am - 6am; Sundays, 1am- 7am

    "Ben Maller Show" on Fox Sports Radio. Ben's greatest quote "Professional athletes are too important to be taken seriously ...

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  • Seth Evertt

    On Air: Saturday, 6am - 9am

    Proud Syracuse alum. Father of two, and a Sports Broadcaster for FOX Sports Radio.

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  • Anthony Gargano & Lincoln Kennedy

    On Air: Saturday 9am-1pm

    Philadelphia sports journalist Anthony Gargano teams up with former NFL star Lincoln Kennedy every Saturday to get your sports weekend ...

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  • Bobby Bones

    On Air: Saturday, 1pm - 3pm

    Along with a weekend show, Bobby Bones also hosts a country show every weekday morning in Nashville.

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  • Steve Hartman & Kirk Morrison

    On Air: Saturday, 3pm - 5pm

    Steve Hartman is the self proclaimed King of all Sports Trivia. He has a 20-plus years as radio and television ...

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  • Mike North

    On Air: Saturday, 7pm - 10pm; Sunday, 10pm - 1am

    North Is a Chicago radio legend who joins FOX Sports Radio and brings his experience and knowledge of sports talk ...

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  • TJ Rives

    On Air: Saturday, 10pm - 1am

    TJ is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Radio Sideline reporter and Host on Fox Sports Radio. He is also the father ...

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  • SPEED Sport

    On Air: Sunday, 7am - 9am

    Everything Nascar every Sunday morning.

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  • Fox Fantasy Freaks

    On Air: Sunday 9am - Noon

    Heard coast to coast for 3 hours every week on Fox Sports Radio

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  • Artrell Hawkins & Bill Reiter

    On Air: Sunday, Noon - 3pm

    Former NFL defensive back Artrell Hawkins teams up each weekend with writer and FOX Sports Radio NBA Insider ...

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  • The Blitz

    On Air: Sunday, 3pm - 7pm

    Weekends on FOX Sports Radio give listeners the opportunity to step away from their everyday stresses of life and immerse ...

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  • Andy Furman & Lincoln Kennedy

    On Air: Sunday 7pm- 10pm

    Furman, a native of Brooklyn, New York, has been a strong voice in the world of sports talk radio for ...

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